When one wants to live his retirement in Indonesia, three solutions available to you, as you wish.

1- The short visa
As the tourist visa, it is valid for 60 days. To get it, you just have to apply through a travel agency. Which will then make an application to the immigration.

What requirements to get it?

– Justify the purchase or rental of a dwelling at least US $ 35,000 for the purchase and at least US $ 500 / month for rent.
– Declare and employ a person Indonesian nationality
– Justify a pension of at least US $ 1500 per month
– Do not work
– Having health insurance and death

Know that it is not renewable. With this visa you can apply for other visa authorizations.

2- Visa valid 1 year
This visa is valid for 1 year, renewable 5 times. To get it you must make a request to a travel agency accredited immigration services. After which you will get your permission let you make the visa application.

What are the conditions for obtaining?

These are the same as for the short visa. Except you do not have to justify the use of a local person but you have to justify buying or renting a home in Indonesia.
Once you have made the request for a visa 5 times, you will have the opportunity to apply for a final visa.

3- permanent visa

a- Customs and Moving
Contact a freight mover. This will facilitate your dealings with the customs. Do not forget to declare the values that you carry with you to control changes.

b- Your accommodation
It is complicated to buy a house in Bali. To become a home owner, you simply lease land and to build a house on it, to become the owner of the property. *

c- Your Welfare
There is no social security agreement between France and Indonesia
Either you get closer to the Indonesian social institutions for coverage that will correspond you. Either you join the Health Insurance Fund of the French from abroad.
You have the option to subscribe to a mutual complementary (local insurance or insurance company partner of the bodies of French nationals abroad).

d- Taxation
The tax treaty between France and Indonesia signed on 14 September 1979 states that individual is a resident of the Contracting State where it is subject to tax because of its domicile, residence, place management or any other criterion of a similar nature (Article 4).

However, pensions paid by social security and compulsory supplementary pension schemes of a State shall be taxable only in that state (Article 18).
Pensions of officials paid by a Contracting State shall be taxable only in that state (Art.19 / 2).

Income from immovable property shall be taxable only in the state in which the property is located (Article 6).

Your e-Finance
In case you are considered “non-resident” in the eyes of France, transform your current account into account non-resident. So you will be exempt from CSG and CRDS.
To recover some of your pension in your new country, open a bank account on the Indonesian island where you are. This is possible for people who have a residence card.

* See conditions acquisitions