Rich heads of cultural work , Indonesia has , thanks to Bali, one of the finest beach resorts in Asia. It is on that pearl of the archipelago found the greatest diversity of accommodation and living style , ranging from intimate charm to the refinement of luxury spas and honeymoon to family holidays. With its long sandy beaches lapped by the Indian Ocean, is an ideal destination to combine relaxation and discovery, especially around Ubud, an ideal starting point for many walks in the heart of rice fields or on the foothills of the volcanoes in the discovery of the Balinese people and their traditions. The tropical climate temperature oscillates between 28 and 32 degrees year round , Bali attracts many tourists and expatriates worldwide. Indonesia launched the project of expansion of Bali following the tourist demand is growing national airport. Were recorded on the island more than 3,000,000 tourists in 2012 and more in the future. Major luxury hotel chains or large Western brands are now visible in Bali. All these arguments have made Bali a coveted place to invest , but despite the many real estate investors arrived in recent years , the demand for rental still exceeds supply . If you decide to invest in Bali, we strongly advise you to do a study project before anything else . The project study will guide us in the search for your property , number of rooms required , etc. …. and so on the budget required . The choice of the location of your property will be very important in your approach because it is he who will determine in large part what will make housing as a villa in a classic or a traditional home – Joglo , Limasan , Gladak , and what may be the percentage of rental of your property . You will be advised to build in the south of the island , where rental demand is the highest and therefore the most profitable. It will also be possible to have a short-term profitability by putting your property for sale or permanent long-term profitability by putting your property for rent . This is why our site Balirealestateforsale offers a study project to guide you on a more concrete idea of ​​the approach to invest in Bali. We have an advantage over our competitors because we are Owner , we were tenant Agency Rental and Sales to arrive to find our passion. We have two specific 1 / The construction of traditional Indonesian BALI JOGLO 2 / The construction of traditional houses ( villa ) LAVILLADEBALI