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Do I need a special visa to be the owner of a house in Bali?

No, it does not require a visa.

How long do we have to finalize the transaction?

• First, quality offers are rare.
• The market is very dynamic.
• Speed ​​of decision is important.

How long does it take to find tenants?

Normally, it takes between 2 weeks, a month and a half.

How to create a bank account?

This is fairly simple and fast. However, you have to be there to open it.

How does the purchase procedure work?

Bali Joglo and his team will dedicate a lot of time and staff to accompany you in your purchase to bring you total satisfaction. You will find with us almost all the answers to your questions, and even those concerning your interests, in the way to buy the most adapted to your family situation.

Here is what we propose:

• The property (s) being chosen, there will be the geometer’s passage on the ground
• Verification of the constructibility of the land (appearance, terminals, etc.)
• Verification of the possibility of renting
• Meeting with neighbors
• Meeting with village mayors
• Meetings with the administration
• A visit to the notary to settle the land
• Meeting with our architects for the best location
• Creating 2D plans
• Creating 3D images
• Setting up the contract
• The quantification of the project
• A proposal for options
• Monitoring of the construction site
• Accounting follow-up
• The steps to obtain water and electricity
• And finally, the start of the mandatory documents (building permit and lease)
Once the estimates are accepted by you, and upon receipt of your payment, the work will be undertaken and monitored.

How will your visit to Bali take place?

During this visit, if you wish, we will pick you up at your hotel (Roundtrip).
We will take an hour or two to explain the current market, as well as our working methods.
Depending on your expectations, we will accompany you one or more days to show you our products.
We will spend an hour or two on the products visited in order to advise you as best as possible (price and return on investment).
We will make a list of your favorite products.
If you wish, we will open a free bank account in Bali.
We will write the offers for these products, and we will have you sign the necessary documents (you will have to leave us a check of deposit, this deposit is kept by the notary and will be deducted from the purchase price).
We will be able to schedule an appointment with our architects to concoct the product of your dreams.
We can not guarantee you to get the lands seen during the visit (given that the market is very competitive), but we will find you for sure a similar product.
After visiting us once, we can work remotely.
Is it possible to carry out repairs or renovations in the property I buy?

Yes, that is quite possible. We have contractors who can do repairs, plumbing, electrical work, painting etc. We can direct this aspect also for a flat fee, depending on the amount of work required.

Is it possible to come only two days to Bali to visit the properties and then manage the file remotely?

Yes, it is possible if you pay cash. We advise you to come and visit the properties, but once you have your favorites or your investments selected, we can write the offers and close the transaction (s) without you having to return to Bali. We will take care of all the tasks for you.

Should I have a bank account in Indonesia?

It is better to have one. You have to have a bank account in Bali in order to deposit the rent in case of rent. And if you buy a house, you still need an account to pay for your co-ownership, insurance and property taxes.

Does buying in Indonesia entitle me to a KITAS?

No, on the other hand a business that meets certain rules would allow you to get that.

Will my tenants be obliged to take out insurance?

Tenants can not be forced to take out insurance. However, it is stated in the lease that they must do so.

Why do we have to go through a professional in Bali?

• The first advantage: Generally for each case, one agent represents the buyer, and another represents the seller. Agents have a duty to represent their client in the best interests of the client they represent.
• The 2nd advantage: A true interlocutor, a real company based on the

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