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The island of BALI is today a major tourist destination, with almost 4 million tourists every year, BALI remains the most visited island of the INDONESIAN archipelago. Namely that INDONESIA itself is growing, its future is promised to be one of the richest countries of South Asia in 2017. With its new airport BALI plans to increase its tourist capacity by 20%, new infrastructure is emerging such as roads, bridge, in order to improve traffic.
Who are we ?? Set up ten years in BALI, our trade and the construction, management, and placement in the real estate sector.
We offer above all the security and the assurance of building your villa in all quietude and guarantee before notary according to your project a quick return of your investment …
Surrounded by a team of architects, collaborators, lawyers and an insurance company, we guarantee the finality of your project in the best conditions.
FIRST STAGE Interview with our adviser on a possible real estate project in BALI, either in our offices or by skype if you are in France, why an investment in BALI, your desires, your expectations, the profitability of such a project and its cost .
STEP 2 Our team is looking for a land that will suit you best, with our experience in Bali, We have a wide range of land and has lower prices of the market because we do not take any commission
THIRD STAGE We put at your disposal our architects who will help you to realize the villa of your dreams with plans 2 and 3 D.
FOURTH STEP Once you have chosen your project, we set the terms of payment, we secure the whole with a notary, with our partner insurance, we ensure your project free of charge during the time of its construction.
Before building
* Inspection by the Indonesian administration of the possibility of building (certificate indicating that the land is in a building zone)
* Boundary control (verification of laser area by competent authority)
* Set up house on site (bowplank) implantation.
Soil study
* Meeting with the neighborhood to present the project
* Meet with the priests of the nearest temple to present themselves, present the project and help in the financing of the temple. (This operation may seem strange to you but it is essential)
* Meeting with the Banjar (mayor) to present the project
* Start of building permit

During construction

* Construction follow-up
* Send report of progress photos of weekly construction site
* Sending monthly accounts
* Continuation of building permit
* Sending electrical plan and plumbing
* Sending the choice of finishes
* Sending the choice of kitchen
* Finishing checks
* Tests: pool, light, house (pits water electricity etc)
We are there to give you the information you want in complete transparency.
Generally, the ratios vary between 15 to 40% depending on the type of property, but this is not a guarantee. There is no rent insurance in Indonesia.

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