An earthly paradise

Always dream destination, Bali or “Island of the Gods” is still a land of paradise that attracts more and more Western retirees. It must be recognized that here Mother Nature gave it her best: impressive volcanoes, verdant hills sculpted by terraced rice fields, long white sandy palm-fringed beaches, clear waters, warm, calm, seabed of beauty and a wide variety of exotic fruits with new flavors.
A good life

This is the charm of this island are not only its idyllic landscapes and especially its people. The Balinese are a legendary kindness and a gentle way of life at all times. Their daily lives are punctuated by the highest religious ceremonies colors, celebrated on the occasion of family or village events. It is then often the opportunity to admire the dancers to the infinite grace, moving to the sounds of an ancestral music. A culture alive, authentic and complex, which remains intact despite the increasing number of foreigners coming to appreciate the magic of Bali.
A multitude of activities

In this wild and varied nature, you can indulge in the joys of hiking, fishing, scuba diving … sports will not be bored in Bali.

And most brain can learn the art of batik, woodcarving, local cuisine, in one of the many workshops on the island.

In short, all the ingredients to live a peaceful and happy retirement on the Island of the Gods. Number of retirees have already understood the interest that life in Bali and decided to live there.
Indonesian identity card

Geographic data:

Area: 1,905,000 km²
Capital: Jakarta
Major cities: Surabaya, Bandung, Medan
Border countries: East Timor, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea
Sea and ocean: Indian Ocean, Java Sea (54716 km of coastline)


Population: 247 million inhabitants
Density: 124 inhabitants / km².
Language: Indonesian
Religion: Muslim (87%) – A majority Hindu Bali
French Community: 3973 registered in the French Consulate

political Information
Government: Republic
Motto: “Unity in Diversity”
Independence: 08/17/1945 (Netherlands)
Entry to the UN: 09/28/1950
National Day: 17 August (Independence Day)

economic data
GDP (FMI 2012): 878.1 billion USD
GDP / capita (FMI 2012): 3592 USD
Currency: Indonesian rupiah
Exchange rate of 5 June 2014: 1 euro = 16133 IDR

various data
Jetlag / France: Winter + 7h
Weights and measures: Metric
Electricity: 220 V – 50 Hz, making French
Telephone code: +62
Steps before retiring in Bali

Formalities of entry and residence:

If you are a French citizen, you must be in possession of a valid passport, a return ticket or onward, and an entry visa valid in the country one month. (possible 2 months)

Then the French pensioners over 55 years will make a temporary residence card application KITAS (visa Pensiun), valid for one year (renewable 4 times) at a price of US $ 660, subject to fulfilling the following 4 main conditions, justified the purchase or rental of a dwelling with a minimum amount (US $ 35,000 for the purchase and US $ 500 / month for rental) have a health and life insurance. (cfe or other) to declare the use of a (an) employee (s) of Indonesian nationality home. (100 euros month) demonstrate the benefit of a minimum retirement pension 1500 US $ per month to meet your needs Indonesia. (12,000 per year) does not work

Then they can make a permanent residence card application KITAP indefinitely renewable every 5 years and free. Providing proof of a minimum retirement pension 1500 US $ per month will be required. Given the complexity of the procedure, we recommend that you get help from a commission agent. customs:

Under some conditions, your furniture and belongings in use can benefit from free of duties and taxes on imports in Indonesia.

Check with the embassy or freight mover.

The acquisition of real estate in Bali is a complicated operation involving pitfalls. Investing in Bali will be your guide in this process. It is theoretically impossible for a foreigner to become a landowner in Indonesia. However, it is allowed to lease land for 30 or 50 years and build a house, so you become the owner of your property for the lease of the land. This method is practiced by expatriates.

Ask yourself the right questions (sales, settlement and expenses, safety, environment …) and again, trust the lawyer to invest in Bali to secure the purchase or rental, as real estate transactions are not as well regulated as in France (as incomplete ownership or hit by irregularities, restrictions on foreign ownership …)

Social protection:
Indonesia is not linked to France by a social security agreement.
If you want to benefit from health coverage, it is your responsibility to check with the Indonesian competent institutions how your care can be supported by the local plan or voluntarily join the health insurance of the French Caisse Abroad, if you have French nationality or insure “the first euro” from a private insurance company. In addition to the basic social security insurance you can take out supplementary insurance:

. from a local insurance company, if you adhere to the Indonesian social security system. with a partner insurance company of the Fund for French Abroad, if you adhere to this fund.

Medical prevention:
The health situation of the island of Bali is satisfactory. However, it is advisable to consult your doctor or Travel advice center before departure to be aware of any prejudices to take.

No vaccinations are required for travelers from France. However, it is recommended that the hepatitis A and typhoid, and be particular update your vaccinations against tetanus, diphtheria and polio.

It is not necessary to take preventive treatment against malaria.

It can effectively protect against mosquitoes (dengue vectors) using repellents containing DEET.

The introduction of a dog or cat is prohibited on the territory of Indonesia.

The tax treaty between France and Indonesia signed on 09.14.1979 states that individual is a resident of the Contracting State where it is subject to tax because of his domicile, residence, place of management or any other criterion of a similar nature (Article 4). However, pensions paid by social security and compulsory supplementary pension schemes of a State shall be taxable only in that state (Article 18).

Pensions of officials paid by a Contracting State shall be taxable only in that state (Art.19 / 2).

Income from immovable property shall be taxable only in the state in which the property is located (Article 6).

Finance: Before you leave, go see your banker:
To ensure eventual compliance of your accounts if you are considered “non-resident” under the French administration, you will transform your current account into account non-resident (the new status allows you to benefit particular tax benefits such as exemption from social security contributions CSG and CRDS).

The transfer of all or part of your pension in Bali requires opening a bank account on the island and it is only possible for holders of a resident card (KITAS / KITAP).

Meanwhile, you can use your French bank card to make payments and withdrawals.

Car and permits:
It is forbidden to import your own car in Indonesia. You may temporarily lead with your international driving license (must be accompanied by a French license) in Bali. Then, as there is no reciprocal license agreement between France and Indonesia, you will need to approach the authorities of the country, or ask you to pass the tests of the local permits, conduct exchange your french driving license without you having to submit to the theory and practical tests of local driving license.
Quality of life of a French retired in Bali

Cost of living:
It is difficult to give a fair indication of the prices in Bali, in fact they vary according to the season of the city, the neighborhood, the fluctuating economic conditions …

Well, if you live in the Balinese by buying your fresh produce markets rather than in supermarkets, avoiding imported brand products and too touristy, life in Bali you appear very cheap. Overall, the cost of living in Bali is similar to that of Thailand, and is lower than in all other countries where French retiree can “live better by spending less.”

Real Cost:
In Bali, as in France, the price per square meter depends on the location of the property, the quality of its construction and the services offered (swimming pool, security …). However, the real purchase price is much lower than in France, and you can access a luxury you can not even imagine to achieve by staying in France.

The prices are higher than in Thailand, but cheaper than in Africa and in Europe, with the notable exception of Bulgaria.

Located near the equator in a tropical region, Bali has only two seasons that blend and balance:
-season Dry from May to November-December. Rainy -season: from January to April. Generally, July is the coolest and driest of the year, while in January rainfall peaks (it rains twice as north and south of the island). Even in the dry season it can rain, but it will be rather late in the day or night.

The average temperature is 26 ° C. Bali has an ideal climate. The temperature is pleasant most of the year. It can get very hot, but it is never unbearable.

Whatever the season, the days still keep the same amplitude, the sun rises at 6 am and sets around 18 pm.

Medical care:
Bali has many expatriate doctors English speaking graduates in American universities.

A phone call to the Consulate of France will allow you to obtain the details of usually consulted by French doctors.

Indonesia is not deemed to have an effective health care system, however, there are hospitals in Bali, the quality of care meets international standards. The expatriate community and the French authorities particularly recommend the private hospital BIMC Kuta.

It is recommended to buy insurance including repatriation to support the cost of return to France in case of medico-surgical emergency beyond the expertise available locally. In addition, Singapore is a three-hour flight, and it also offers clinics and hospitals with the same care as the one proposed in France.

Your integration in Bali course depend largely on yourself (ability to reach out to others, to live away from his family and friends back in France to accept cultural differences …).

This is the charm of this island, it is not only its idyllic landscapes and especially its people, and your integration will be greatly facilitated by the fact that the Balinese are a legendary kindness and sweetness at all times.

English is mainly practiced in the tourism and business sectors outside is less frequent.

For good communication with the Balinese / Indonesian, learning “Bahasa Indonesia” will benefit you. The task is relatively easy, as it is a simple language, without conjugation and his writing is instinctive.

Culture, leisure and gastronomy:
Bali lends itself especially well to the practice of many cultural activities (visiting museums, churches, art galleries …), arts (dance, music, painting, cooking …), sports and recreation (snorkelling with flippers and mask, fishing, boating, cycling …). Some will help you better understand Indonesian culture, while others allow you to discover more intimately or more intense the generous nature of this beautiful island.

Balinese cuisine is rich and varied. The national dish is nasi goreng based accompanied fried rice pieces of meat, vegetables and egg. In Bakmi goreng, rice is replaced with fried noodles. The satay is a small kebab meat grilled over a wood fire, served with a peanut-based sauce. We also eat a lot of fish (fresh tuna) and shellfish (crab, lobster), avocado salad, and two island specialties, the Babi guglin, roast suckling pig, and Bebek tutuh honey duck .

The fruits are tasty mangoes, pineapples, papayas, lychees … found from street vendors or in markets.

Security, stability:
Bali is a relatively safe destination. That said you should not release more attention when you are in France. Crime tends to increase especially in places frequented by tourists. Care must be taken not to tempt fate and make sure that your valuables will not be at the sight of all and unattended. When you leave home, never leave doors and windows open.

Transport: The low-cost airline Air Asia provides connections between Paris Orly and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia with connections to Denpasar at unbeatable prices.

To move on the island, the most convenient way is the scooter. We find rentals for less than 50 € per month. It is also possible to rent a car, using the very cheap taxis or public buses. For the purchase of a vehicle, you need are the holder of a Permanent Resident Card (KYTAS).

Mobile phone: Sim card is not expensive and you can call in France or attached without difficulty.
Internet: there are some cyber cafes everywhere with webcam and headset.